We turn ideas into reality.

We are engineering the future of computing.


What We Do

Quantum Theory

Developing theories that use Quantum Physics and Mechanics to design and deliver architectures that solve complex problems at a quantum level.

Quantum Simulation

Going one step beyond theory and using simulation to design and test the theory. Simulation utilizes purpose built data constructs and applies quantum physics algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and quantum go hand in hand. Developing intellect that uses Quantum is a core deliverable of FindInfinite Labs.

About Us

We Provide Quantum Solutions to solve complex problems.

This Specialization covers the theory, concepts, and tools we use throughout the entire quantum development pipeline

Use Quantum Theory and sound scientific priniciples and practices to validate or disprove complex ideas. Centering around energy and space exploration, we aim to deliver commodity, high quality computing environments.

  • Core Services
  • Idea Validation
  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Delivery

Create an environment for citizen scientists and developers to create simulations and test their theories using Quantum Computing. Extend that simulation to real-world development and delivery. Partner with universities and institutions to develop a broad range of composable quantum assets.

  • Core Servies
  • Simulation
  • Composition
  • Quantum Solutions and Delivery

Employing responsible AI, we focus on transparency, empathy, and fairness. While quantum computing holds unknown opportunities, we are mindful that with those opportunities comes a responsibility. Through transparency, we are committed to designing operational Quantum AI.

  • Core Servies
  • Quantum AI
  • Autonomous Quantum Design

How It Works


Model the Quantum Ecosystem

Data, analytics, AI, and theory


Design Architectures

Using Quantum Computing, design the architecture that solves for the problem.


Automate Simulation

Automate the simulation by changing parameters and inputs.

Core Features

Quantum Neural Matrix with Adaptive Testing

The development of Quantum Neural Networks with Adaptive Testing and Artificial Intelligence to solve problems in the moment. Quantum Neural Matrices are the backbone to Quantum AI and advanced self-learning and adaptive exosystems. These beacons cross connect and form new neural phased tunnels.

  • Deep Learning Matrix
  • Adaptive Testing
  • In the Moment Learning
  • Multi Matrix Code